How we work



As much of our work is bespoke, and you are looking for maximum business impact,  we’ll want to engage early on in a number of ways.

We’ll want to understand the issues, and explore needs and fears. We’ll help crystallise an overarching theme for inquiry. And we’ll help develop energy and focus around this.

This discovery stage is potentially transformational in its own right. As is the rolling design conversation we’ll have with you and the project sponsor.


We’ll work closely with you to create an extraordinary experience – whether this be a team event, a leadership journey, or a longer term programme.

We’ll listen and work closely with you to get clear on the outcomes you seek, and we’ll employ the best approach and the right tools for the job. And we’ll work out governance arrangements with you and agree how we’ll share responsibility for defining and delivering success.

Place and social setting have a powerful impact on how people behave and learn. Your challenges and context are unique. And so we’ll carefully match place to purpose. Check out some of the venues we use.


We’ll provide a great team to give you the challenge and support you need. And we’ll team with niche experts as appropriate to ensure your experience is extraordinary.  And we’ll ensure that all the necessary logistics, admin and safety are solidly in place.


You want to know you’re getting great value for money. We’ll work with you early on to develop an appropriate evaluation framework that keeps all parties committed, accountable and on track.

Would you like us to contact you to explore more?