Fresh Air Walkshops

Let’s walk and talk somewhere awesome!

What’s a walkshop?

They are professionally facilitated workshops set in stunningly inspirational surroundings.

Typically they involve around 8 – 12km of walking on good paths over a generous 4 – 6 hours.  Sometimes we will take in a a pub-lunch half-way round, or a hill top picnic with an awesome view.

Here are some of the ways that our clients love to use this format.

Open Walkshops. We facilitate open walkshops on topical leadership challenges in stunning countryside near to major cities. We advertise, and provide full information on Eventbrite. Our current programme is here.

Business Ecosystem Walkshops. These are open walkshops that we design for, and co-facilitate with businesses who want to offer their communities, clients, and networks a fresh and inspiring way of engaging around an important theme of common interest.

Membership Organisation Walkshops. These walkshops are open to members, and are advertised internally by the membership organisation.

Internal Business Walkshops. We run bespoke walkshops for businesses who are looking for a different way of having high value internal discussions around business critical topics. And to get to know one another better, and deepen trust. Typically these involve pre-event Discovery engagements with the sponsor and participants to understand issues and perspectives, crystallise an overarching inquiry theme, and agree outputs and outcomes. Depending on the project, we may also use some form of diagnostic questionnaire. Thereafter, an iterative Design conversation will identify the best team, best place, and best process for your walkshop. These pre-Delivery phases are potentially transformational in their own right. They engage and energise participants, and promote conversations and fresh thinking around the inquiry theme ahead of the walkshop.

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