Fresh Air Journeys

“There is a creative and metaphorical power to a physical journey that is of a different order to traditional corporate off-sites and retreats”

The rhythm and sense of journeying through inspiring and uplifting natural environments “towards” some destination offers a powerful opportunity for reflection, clarification, prioritisation, and planning.

Add in the mentoring power of the group itself and the skilful facilitation of the journey’s leaders, and the experience can be transformative.

Just as simpler journeys, one-on-one, can be too.

Our journeys typically include overnights in wonderfully situated hotels, and the opportunity to build in special moments, master-classes, and a range of adventurous and cultural activities that support your needs.

Mind-shifting and conversation-changing.

On foot, bike, 4×4, boat, or by air, we can create the inspirational journey you need to escape, explore, and evolve.

Open Journeys as a Personal Investment. Business leaders have invested in places for a range of reasons: for personal reflection, problem solving, concept development, or simply the chance to relax and recharge.

Bespoke Journeys as Leadership Development Modules. Companies have used these journeys as bespoke modules sitting within wider in-house leadership programmes to give participants a framework and opportunity to clarify, prioritise, and plan their development as the companies’ future leaders.

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