Fresh Air Experiences

We create unforgettable experiences that help you escape, explore, and evolve your thinking and relationships

These range from simple themed walk-shops to high octane simulations involving a number of specialist delivery partners.

Creatively designed and expertly facilitated to deliver the business outcomes you seek.

An example:

Imagine undergoing a rapid induction programme as a mountain rescue team and deploying on a “call out”.  Fly search drones,  use digital planning tools, manage realistic trauma, face moral dilemmas, and more. All supported by operational mountain rescue personnel. Read more here Why Mountain Rescue?

Another example:

Imagine planning and executing a humanitarian mission involving multiple actors and modes of movement: by road, on foot, by 4×4 vehicle, by boat, and by air. What factors are in play; what is the actual outcome of your planning; how does your team deal with events and opportunities as they emerge?

We will engage closely with you and participants to fully understand your requirements and constraints, and then iterate the design to fully meet your brief.

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