Fresh Air Hacks!

Welcome to Fresh Air Hacks – a range of expertly facilitated journeys and experiences for select groups of senior business leaders and formed teams.

Fresh air, fresh thinking, fresh perspectives. Go on – give it a go!

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Our use of the term “hack” emerged from a walk and subsequent teleconference involving three business leaders. It is a nod at “hackathon” – a collaborative process for rapidly testing ideas and developing new software products.

Our take on this? We create a relaxing, safe and creative outdoor environment – a sandpit if you like – to help senior business leaders and teams get clear on difficult issues, develop workable solutions, and commit to concrete action. Creative, collaborative, and outcome focussed.

They are also great opportunities to just breath deeply, notice the world around you, and gain fresh perspective.

We offer three flavours of Fresh Air Hack which can be utilised by individuals or teams:

  • Timeout Hack: Inspirational half-day walks in upland areas of outstanding beauty.
  • Sunrise Hack: Awesome night ascents of UK mountains to marvel at summit sunrises.
  • Highland Hack: Fully supported journeys on foot through magnificent mountain scenery. Four hotel nights and three walking days. Featuring inspirational guest companions. Read more here.

And we don’t stop there. We can provide the follow-on challenge and support needed to help you turn fresh thinking into fresh action.

Why do this?

Some business leaders need “time out” to relax, and draw energy and inspiration from stunning natural environments. Others value the space to think more clearly and creatively about big challenges and choices. And others love bouncing and building fresh ideas in the group environments we create.

What about teams? They’ve had conversations they’ve never had in the workplace. They’ve got to know one another better. And they’ve learned to trust more, think together, and align behind bold common goals.

And some organisations have used Fresh Air Hacks as outdoor alternatives to indoor meetings – for executive boards, strategy reviews, and meetings with clients.

Finally, there’s increasing media coverage and scientific evidence around the health, relationship, and creative thinking benefits of the outdoors.

So, why wouldn’t you want to tap into some of this goodness?! Read more here.

How does it work?

Click through to see our latest programme. We update this regularly, and we’re going to be adding an increasing range of walks in the coming months.

Simply sign-up for the Fresh Air Hack you want via the Eventbrite link shown in the programme against most events or email us using We’ll make sure you get all the information you need.

1535554_10151903183608657_1455514042_nAnd we’ll also send you a 15% discount code for on-line and in-store purchases at Cotswold Outdoor, one of UK’s leading outdoor equipment & clothing retailers.

If you want to book out a whole Fresh Air Hack, or need some focussed one-on-one time in the hills, that’s great. Contact us direct and we’ll  ensure you get the tailored experience you want, for the numbers you need, on the dates that work best for you.

What about the weather? Our walks will go ahead in all but the most extreme conditions. The routes chosen on the day will reflect the weather, underfoot conditions, and water courses, as well as party capabilities.

What does it cost?


Come on as many Timeout and Sunrise Hacks as you like and pay each time. The price is £50 plus VAT per head.

Highland Hack is priced at £1595 + VAT.

In both cases enjoy 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor.

6-Monthly Individual

Pay a 6-monthly membership fee of £500 plus VAT and enjoy a 10% discount on one Highland Hack and participation in as many open Timeout and Sunrise Hacks as you like per 6-month membership period.

Also includes 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor.

6-Monthy Corporate

Make the outdoors part of how you do business! Involve your teams. Involve your clients. Run an al fresco meeting. A test-bed to turn an idea into a concept. A “Dragons Den” to test a proposal. Or just enjoy the opportunity to slow down and get to know one another.

Pay £3950 + VAT and receive these benefits during the 6-month membership period:

  • 6 exclusive, part- or full-day Fresh Air Hacks anywhere in mainland UK for a group of 8.
  • Led by male/female team of professional facilitators who are also qualified Mountain Leaders
  • 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor for 8 named individuals
  • 10% discount on up to 8 places on Highland Hack

Note that the 8 individuals can be different each time.

But what about value?

We have touched on the benefits above already, and here is how some clients have described the value of Fresh Air Hacks.

  • “a boardroom without walls”
  • “business with health benefits”
  • “a sandpit to develop ideas”
  • “brilliant al fresco networking”
  • “a place where conversations come alive”

And remember, whichever arrangement you choose, you will also be eligible to a 15% discount arrangement with Cotswold Outdoor.

Who will be looking after me?

Fresh Air Hacks are led by mixed male/female leadership teams. All are experienced business leaders, qualified outdoor leaders, coaches and first aiders. And we’ll also feature inspirational guest companions from time to time. It’s a powerful blend that will ensure you get an invigorating, safe, and inspiring Fresh Air Hack.

Why do we do this?

We have spent our lives in and around elite teams, in organisations big and small. We know how to help people think and work together to deliver “way beyond ordinary” results. It’s our passion.

And it’s this passion, and our experience and skills that we want to offer through these facilitated outdoor journeys and experiences.

The Highland Hack multi-day journey format is the most powerful of all. Yet we appreciate this can be a difficult investment in time and money for some individuals and businesses to justify.

Timeout Hack and Sunrise Hack are powerful experiences in their own rights. They are also great stepping-stones to better appreciate the value and possibilities of Highland Hack.

They are also opportunities for us to meet and explore how we might work more closely together – to create the journeys that will help you achieve your goals.

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