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Fresh Air Walkshops

We facilitate walkshops in stunning countryside near to major cities. Typically these involve around 8 – 12km of walking on good paths over a generous 4 – 6 hours.

In addition to open events, we run these for businesses who are looking for a different way of having high value internal discussions around business critical topics; and to get to know one another better, and deepen trust.

Some of our clients use walkshops as an inspiring way of bringing their network of clients, partners and suppliers together around a topic of mutual interest.

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Fresh Air Journeys

There is a creative and metaphorical power to a physical journey that is of a different order to traditional corporate off-sites and retreats.

Whether on foot or blended with other modes of travel, the rhythm and sense of journeying “towards” some destination offers a powerful opportunity for reflection, clarification, prioritisation, and planning. Add in the mentoring power of the group itself and the skilful facilitation of the journey’s leaders, and the experience can be transformative.

We run open journeys for small groups of business leaders, as well as bespoke development journey’s as part of companies’ leadership programmes.

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Fresh Air Experiences

We create unforgettable experiences that help you escape, explore, and evolve your thinking and relationships.

These range from simple themed walk-shops to to high octane simulations involving a range of specialist delivery partners.

Clients have used these to accelerate the development of trust and relationships in newly formed teams; or to help formed teams to shift their thinking and boost the quality of their conversations.

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