Place and social setting have a powerful impact on how people behave and learn.

Each client’s challenge and context are unique. We carefully match place to purpose.

Here are some of the special places we have used to create extraordinary team experiences and inspirational leadership journeys for our business clients.

  • An open hillside

    Think of an open hillside as a multi-sensory workshop space with an abundant supply of inspiring resources. Whether on the move or sat as a group sharing some food, our clients find they have conversations, laughter, and insights they have never had in the workplace. We know lots of inspiring places to take you.

  • Under canvas

    A night or two "under canvas” is a great way of noticing how much stuff we surround ourselves with, and the effort and “faff” it takes to continuously manage this clutter. It's also a powerful exercise in the buddy-buddy system where tent-mates quickly work out how to co-exist and look out for one another.

  • A Mountain Bunkhouse

    A bank's leadership team needed to reflect on and develop their resilience ahead of a major restructure. We chose this venue to strip away the trappings or corporate life, and maximise interaction. The surrounding area provided the stage for the “downed aircraft response team” simulation we created.

  • Eco-Friendly Farmhouse


    This venue is great for teams who want a self-catering experience with lots of varied workshop space, as well as enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool, games room, full wifi, and gorgeous views. Right on the edge of Dartmoor it also offers bags of scope for a range of outdoor activities and experiences.

  • Country House Hotel

    The New Forest

    The new executive leadership team of a FTSE 100 company needed a blended indoor and outdoor experience within an hour of their HQ in Hampshire. This location provided great indoor work space and lots of outdoor choice for the physical and metaphorical journey we created for them.

  • Victorian Spa Hotel


    The executive leadership team of an investment bank flew into Scotland from around the world for an extraordinary team experience based on induction as a mountain rescue team. We chose this location for a wide range of metaphorical and practical reasons which you can read about in one of our case studies.