Mountain Rescue


“A superbly creative, original and unforgettable experience”

Clients typically seek a team development experience that is unforgettable, and which powerfully anchors the insights and metaphors that a mountain rescue themed simulation can provide.

We work closely with clients on the design of the experience. This includes pre-event engagement with participants, relevant reading, and the expert facilitation of the inquiry and reflection that underpins the action. And we generate realism by teaming with highly experienced operational mountain rescue personnel.

Check out our case study.This will take you “under the bonnet” of the mountain rescue simulation we ran for the executive leadership team of a global investment bank.  And check out this video too which includes footage from the same experience.

View our latest Mountain Rescue video

  • "It was a unique experience and extremely worthwhile. It met the brief perfectly, and I learned so much. Trust levels in the team increased dramatically over the 2 days. And we've used many of the metaphors in the change work we are doing with our management model.”
  • Lisa. Chief Operating Officer. Investment Bank.

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