Fresh Air Rehab


“It is as if I have reconnected with the person I used to be. Thank you for helping make this happen.”

The best way to explain FRESH AIR REHAB is to tell Brian’s story.

Brian had a rock climbing fall which resulted in head injuries and a broken back. Over the next six years he suffered a number of strokes and heart attacks. For someone who had once spent all his spare time walking and climbing, and who was now living alone and unable to drive, his life was very restricted.

With the support and guidance of his care team he fought his way back to fitness and improved health. Initially, he built up his cardio-vascular capacity by increasing the frequency and duration of street walks around his home and through personal training sessions with a qualified medical referral trainer.

He then built on this with a programme of graduated and supported hill-walking with The Fresh Air Learning Company.

  • "You cannot appreciate how important your support has been. I can’t drive, and just getting out of town and into the countryside has been amazing. And then to set foot on some of the hills I used to walk so many years ago has been a huge psychological step. I was both anxious and excited, and I am now increasingly confident. It’s difficult to put in words but I have also found the experience spiritually uplifting. It is as if I have reconnected with the person I used to be. So many memories have been brought to life. Thank you for helping make this happen.”
  • Brian

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