Special Projects

We are often asked by business clients to apply our skills to special situations. We have developed some of these into distinct services for wider use. Some are offered as open programmes. They may give you some ideas for the exclusive and bespoke experience you are looking for.

Business Walkshops

Fresh Air Business Walks - a membership and pay-per-walk programme for business leaders and their guests seeking fresh air, fresh perspectives, and fresh conversations. Creative, collaborative, and outcome focussed.Learn more

Business Trek

An inspirational multi-day walking journey through the Scottish Highlands as a select group of business leaders, experienced guides and fascinating guest companions. A perfect opportunity to re-energise, reflect and refocus on what is important for you. Learn more

Business Adventure

Combining our learning & development expertise with the skills, knowledge and experience of top expedition leaders we create fun and informative training weekends for groups preparing for the toughest of charity challenges. Learn more

Mountain Rescue

What could your team learn by undergoing an accelerated induction programme as a mountain rescue team? We work with operational mountain rescue personnel to create an exceptionally powerful experience.Learn more


Awake the inner agent! Operate as a counter-espionage surveillance team in a live urban environment. URBEX is an extraordinary team development experience that combines fun and new skills with real challenge and unforgettable learning. Learn more

Fresh Air Rehab

If you are recovering from a long term illness or injury and want to re-engage with the outdoors as part of your recovery plan we can support you.Learn more