Extraordinary Team Experiences

Great teams drive business success!

They are hubs of creativity and learning, shapers of futures, and engines of successful delivery.

Ambitious businesses need new teams to spin up quickly to reach winning levels of effectiveness. Poor team-working is a wholly avoidable risk.

That’s where we come in.

We accelerate team effectiveness. We help teams get close, get bold, and get going. Quickly.


We create extraordinary simulations and learning experiences. As unforgettable events and as powerful programmes.

They are challenging, insightful and unforgettable. They balance action and reflection. They feature relevant frameworks, tools and skills. They shape the conditions for enhanced business performance. They develop self-awareness, trust, creative challenge, and commitment to bold common goals.

Ahead of this we’ll want to engage team members in a number of ways. We’ll want to understand the issues, and explore team members’ needs and fears. We’ll help crystallise an overarching theme for inquiry. And we’ll help spin up the energy and focus around this.

This discovery stage is potentially transformational in its own right. As is the rolling design conversation we’ll have with you or the project sponsor – be this the CEO, a nominated director, Head Coach, Team Leader etc.

Have a look at our case studies. They bring to life what we do.

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  • "Superbly creative, original and professionally executed with good humour. It did exactly what was needed for this team at its current early stage of maturity. It has started to give them a language and set of principles that we can build on.”
  • Nick. Head Coach. Global Investment Bank.

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