Inspirational Leadership Journeys

Business leaders need space and support to re-energise, reflect, and refocus on the big moves they need to make

They also need support to make these real.

That’s where we come in.

We help leaders simplify, clarify, and resolve the big issues in their lives.


We create inspirational walking journeys for business leaders and select groups or formed teams.

The power of these expertly-led journeys comes from a number of sources:

  • Our journey leaders are experienced business leaders in their own rights.
  • They are also seasoned coaches, consultants, and qualified outdoor leaders.
  • Inspirational leadership journeys also feature a number of fascinating guest companions with their own stories and perspectives to share.
  • Then there’s the increasingly well-documented wellbeing and creative thinking benefits of moving through inspirational landscapes.
  • And finally there is the power of the group itself to provide interactive challenge and support.
What kinds of inspirational leadership journeys are there?

There are two basic formats:

  • Fresh Air Business Walking. This is a membership and pay-per-walk programme of daylight and moonlit business walks through beautiful landscapes around the UK. For business leaders, teams and their guests seeking fresh air, fresh perspectives, and fresh conversations. Creative, collaborative, and outcome focussed.
  • Highland Hack. This is a multi-day hotel-hopping walking journey for business leaders through the iconic scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Each one has a particular personal development theme. Participants tap into the power of the group, the inspiring landscapes, the experience of the mixed coaching team, and the stories of fascinating guest companions.

Business leaders have used these formats in a host of different ways: for personal reflection, problem solving, concept development, client conversations, executive team meetings, or simply the chance to relax and recharge.

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  • "It was a very special experience. It is only when one has space to think that you realise how much we are slaves to persistent interruptions in our daily lives. I found the Highland Hack hugely valuable for crystallising strategy and grand plans for the future. The walking conversations and evening “dragons dens” laid on for me were really powerful. Thank you all for the challenge and support. My vision of the future and the possible paths are now clearing like the morning mists in the spectacular landscape we walked through.”
  • Matt. CEO. Professional services company.

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